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 Wireless Microphones for ENG

Using Wireless Microphones
Wireless microphones amplify your voice while allowing performers to move freely around a performance space without a cumbersome wire. Wireless mics are supported by transmitters and receivers, and are compatible with windscreens, standing microphone attachments, or the standard clip that attaches to your clothing.

Full wireless systems combine microphones, receivers, and transmitters into one convenient package. These sets take the guesswork out of selecting the right pieces, while giving you a full wireless microphone system that's ready to go the moment you receive it. They may also include special accessories that work with specific needs, such as outdoor events.

Wireless Microphone Systems
Wireless microphone systems give you everything you'll need to amplify your voice. Their most notable parts are wireless transmitters and wireless receivers. Wireless transmitters may be a part of the mic itself or appear as side packs or easy-to-carry devices. As you speak, these devices turn your voice into special signals that reach receivers. These receivers carry the sound and deliver it to any speakers within the selected frequencies. Systems can accommodate both single participant and multiple participant presentations. Most receivers feature one or more antennas that help carry the sound to audio systems but are usually out of the way and hard to spot.

Microphones for Wireless Systems
Cordless microphones are major components in any wireless audio system. A handheld microphone offers the standard tube design that media professionals have used for decades. A cordless microphone headset wraps around the head to create a hands-free choice for long events or presentations, while clip-on microphones for wireless transmitters are small mics that attach to clothing or other materials.

Wireless Microphone Accessories
Use accessories for wireless microphone systems to improve sound and convenience.


If you're doing an outdoor event, windscreens and covers help you filter out unwanted sounds. They're easy to use and can be removed if you switch to an indoor event.


While stationary clips are popular for podcasts and other presentations during which you'll be sitting still, lavalier clips and mounts are options as well. These durable selections stay in place, no matter where you put them or how you move. With an extended reach, they can transition between permanent standing options and presentations with movement in one easy step.


A fully charged battery pack is a happy battery pack when it comes to wireless microphones and wireless receivers. Power supplies that are made for a specific battery can keep you going if a pack is running low. Plug-in options as well as tabletop devices work well with your backup packs. These choices also make it easy to do quick changes between charged and empty packs during live events.

No matter what you have to say, wireless microphones can help. These versatile pieces work alone or with other sound options to create an experience that's as unique as your special event. Find the right choices for any occasion with B&H Photo and Video's wide selection of wireless microphones and accessories.



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