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 Why Is the Microphone Not Working on My Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Live Headset?

Turtle Beach manufactures a line of wired and wireless headsets for use with Xbox Live on your Xbox 360 video game console. These headsets can provide quality stereo audio as well as simulated 7.1 surround sound audio to get the most out of your game play. A headset includes earphones that allow you to hear your game and chat with partners, along with a microphone to communicate with others. If you cannot operate the microphone, your headset may be set up improperly.

Cable Connection
Even if you have a wireless headset, you must still connect the mic directly to the Xbox 360 controller with the mic cable. Check that you've inserted the straight end of the mic cable securely into the audio port on your headset and the right angle end of the mic cable into the mic port at the top of your Xbox controller.

Mic Mute
The Mic cable includes a control switch that features volume buttons as well as a mute button that will mute your microphone. Check whether this switch is disabled. If it is enabled, you may hear other players but they will not hear you.

Xbox Voice Settings
The Xbox 360 console also has microphone settings that include a mute option. To check these settings, press the "Xbox" button on your controller, scroll to the "Settings" tab and select "Preferences." Select "Voice" to check your voice settings. Checking the "Mute" box mutes your microphone in the same manner as engaging the "Mute" switch on the headset. Select this box and press "A" to uncheck it.

Mic Test
If problems using the microphone persist, you can check the mic's operability by leaving a voice message. From the "Voice" settings menu, set the "Voice Output" to "Play Through Speakers" or "Play Through Both." Press the "Xbox" button, and select "Messages." Select "Create New," then select "Message." Select a Gamertag or enter a new one, and select someone from your friends list to send the message. Select "Add Voice," press the record button to begin recording a voice message and speak into the microphone. Press the playback button to play back the message you just recorded. If you can hear yourself, your microphone is operational. If you do not hear anything, your mic cable or microphone may be damaged.

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