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 How to Spot a Fake Sennheiser E835

The Sennheiser E835 microphone is a high-quality professional vocal microphone, commonly used in live performances and designed to perform under pressure. Innumerable fake Sennheiser E835 are currently being sold through a number of shops and commercial websites. Knowing how to spot a fake Sennheiser E835 microphone will guarantee you are purchasing a genuine Sennheiser product.

Examine the packaging. If the printing is blurry or there are misspellings, you probably are looking at a fake Sennheiser.

Read the technical data written in the product sheet inside the packaging. Compare what's written in the leaflet to the technical data posted in the Sennheiser website. If the data in the leaflet doesn't match the data in the website then the product is fake.

Look for a warranty leaflet in the packaging. A genuine Sennheiser E835 will have a warranty leaflet while a counterfeit microphone will not.

Read the weight of the product in the packaging. A genuine Sennheiser E835 weighs 330 grams according to the Sennheiser website. A counterfeit microphone will weigh more or less than what is stated in the website.

Look for a microphone clip and a pouch in the packaging. A fake Sennheiser microphone will probably not contain these two essential items.




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