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Technology report
 How to Connect a Sound System to a Microphone Receiver

Wireless microphones use receivers that capture a high-frequency signal sent from the microphone. These microphones can be handheld or lavaliers. (Lavaliers are microphones on a wire, usually small and round with a pop filter, that attach to a shirt lapel. The transmitter is a small box that fits on the belt.) To connect your wireless microphone to your sound system, you will need the right cables and a soundboard into which to plug the receiver.

1 Plug in the power to your receiver. Look at the back of your wireless microphone's receiver. There will be an output jack that is either XLR, or three-pronged, or 1/4-inch, one hole. Use either the XLR cable or the 1/4-inch cable on the output of the wireless microphone's receiver.

2 Plug the other end of the receiver's cable into an unused track on your soundboard or mixer. The inputs are in the back of the mixer on each track.

3 Make sure the microphone and the receiver are set to the same frequency. This is so that the receiver will pick up the transmission from the wireless microphone.

4 Set the fader to zero on the track you plugged your wireless receiver into. Have someone speak into the microphone while you turn the gain knob on the mixer. The gain knob will bring the signal onto the track. You should be able to hear the speaker's voice slowly rise in volume as you do this. Make sure your master fader is turned up to zero.

Tips & Warnings
If you hear interference, change the frequencies on the wireless microphone and the receiver.

If you hear feedback, keep the microphone away from your speakers if possible.

Make sure your wireless microphone has fresh batteries.

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