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Black Headset Microphone BL-HS07

Headset Microphone BL-HS7
Product Description 
ABS nesting design of its phone arm, cozy to wear; Good sales account’ve been  got in Europe and north American market for its classical colour, unconstrained  outline, and smoothly timbre. 
●Appointed pickup, suitable for high vocal quality requriment area.
●ABS nesting, unconstrainted  outline design, suitable for every head form.
●Adjustable mic arm, easy to be a best effect of pickup.
●With excellent shield line, make to noise to be a lowest level.
●Its wire are hidden on the back artfully .
●Kind of plug for choice, make a convenient for Launch System. 
Technicial parameters
Polar pattem:   Unidirectional              
Mic diameter:  Φ9.7*5.2mm 
Sensitivity:    - 47db±2db              
Frequency Range: 20-20KHZ           
Output Impedance: ≤680Ω                
Standard  Operation Voltage: 1.0V-10V.DC
SNR: >58db                                 
Wire: 1.0m 

Connector options
A1: 3.5mm Angle plug
A2: 3.5mm straight plug
B: 3.5mm male screw plug
C: 3.5mm female screw jack
C2: 3.5mm female screw jack (similar with Sennheiser)
C4: Mini 4 pins XLR plug (similar with MIPRO)
D3: 3 pins xlr
D4: 4 pins xlr
D4S:4 pins xlr (similar with Shure)
T4: 4 pins xlr for Audio-technica
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